What Dental Crowns Can Do For Your Smile

Fractures, cracks, decay, chips, and discoloration are some of the more common things that can ruin a beautiful smile. Of course, there is also the common problem of missing teeth. All of these can make your smile “less-than” and greatly affect your confidence and self-esteem.

Here at Vaccaro Family Dentistry in Niskayuna NY, your family dentists Dr. Kent Molino and Dr. Todd Vaccaro regularly use dental crowns to bring back their patient's self-confidence by fixing their smiles with dental crowns.

How Dental Crowns Work

A dental crown is customized to allow it to encapsulate visible areas of the tooth. The damaged portion of the tooth is buffed away, the tooth shaved down and prepped for the installation of the crown. The dental crown is then placed at the top of the tooth and permanently cemented. Using a dental crown can prevent pain and sensitivity when chewing, biting, or drinking hot or cold liquids.

As a tooth-shaped cap, it is fitted over an existing tooth to restore its appearance. It can likewise function as a protective shield for the natural tooth to prevent further decay. Further, it is used to restore a chipped or broken tooth to conceal the damage.

The Smile Solution

What makes dental crowns the right solution at Niskayuna family dentist to fix your smile? Here are some of the common reasons:

Repair Cavities

When the tooth enamel deteriorates, the cavity follows. Removing the decayed portion and sealing it before the entire tooth is covered with a dental crown will restore its beauty.

Stronger Teeth

Teeth that get damaged by bacteria, oral injuries, or normal wear and tear could get fractured, chipped, or cracked. Fitting a dental crown over the affected tooth can restore its strength almost like your natural teeth.

Practical Protection

Harmful bacteria can penetrate your tooth or even get under the gum line. When this happens, infection follows, causing oral health problems. This will necessitate a gum disease treatment or a root canal treatment from your Niskayuna family dentist. Dental crowns protect the infected tooth after it has been treated and restore its appearance to its natural look.

Bring Back That Radiant Smile

Discolored teeth can definitely damper your smile. Dental crowns provide cosmetic benefits that allow your teeth to be restored to its normal color discreetly.

Replacement Tooth

When used with dental implants, the crown is attached to an abutment linking the implant and completing the restoration. For dental bridges, crowns are also used to create a series of replacement teeth. These teeth are anchored using implants to deliver better stability, strength, and longevity.

Interested in Dental Crowns? Call Your Niskayuna Family Dentist to Learn More About Them

Schedule a consultation with one of our family dentists here at Vaccaro Family Dentistry in Niskayuna NY, Dr. Kent Molino, or Dr. Todd Vaccaro, by calling 518-377-3628.

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